The Hidden Agenda

September 11, 2014, it’s Thursday and father time is displaying a hour and half past midnight. For some odd reason I have just awaken from a period of rem and a vivid dream. I would consider it to be odd because of the sleep adjustment to the average student studious life. Yayyyyyy for me and the interjection “Yayyyyyy” may sound as if it is unexcitement yet the irony is that I feel quite the opposite. After a lived experience and continuing living experiences, maybe the timing for the post- secondary has finally become suitable.

Anyhow, I have awoke out of a three-hour crash of unfinished psychology notes and incomplete philosophy readings for the next lecture. All of the material was just blatantly spread out all over the bare mattress. Immediately, I spring into action of walking through my organized chaos in my apartment. Located the coffee beans and open the back door for a breeze. All while doing so I am gathering my thoughts in preparation for a certain topic.

Meanwhile, the coffee is brewing in the background and an infant crying next door, suddenly I receive a text from my sibling. What reason justifies why he is awake at this time?

Well it was slight reminder that today is September 11, a highly pivotal moment for both us because him and I are Americans. However, it remains a topic that can be discussed at another time or afterwards.

A reality check initiates after a sip of caffeine residing in a mason jar while I am staring at a screen.

Yesterday, an information session on sexual health organized and demonstrated by two knowledgeable women from Avalon at Laing House. If you are interested and would to know about sexual health then I suggest any gender to browse the website at for further information.

In reflection to this session, I recalled various underlying issues were discussed amongst members about the community standards of Laing House.

It is interesting that an information and awareness session spark such a huge topic.

The terms in retrospect to the topics were similar to mutual respect, integrity, communication, privacy, confidentiality, consent and the list continues. In relation to the notion of each individual has been victimized or currently being victimize by someone. A similarity arises from the Avalon presentation within the discussion and the fact exist that there is silent response to every action.

The issue at hand is that we are not talking about it and it is occurring regularly in society.

Everyone has been victimized yet how can we as people isolate blame onto others as we continue to criticize the accused. The accused can also become the victims because they are not present to defend themselves.

Ouch! I know that is hard statement to reinforce upon you however the critical thinking aspect of the previous statement is necessary.

Victimization initiates verbally with words whether it is a sexual harassment or not, and is also where it begins.

Why? Because in some form it is the immediate reaction or cause of being rejected or hurt by someone else. No specific gender should be accused or blame of the actions that are predominant in society as everyone plays a role. It can reflect negatively or positively in any outcome.

The irony is displayed when it intertwines with my daily lectures and current events on psychological, philosophical and sociological aspects. A reference to an ongoing and hidden debate urgently requiring relevance.

What I just provided was a basic overview and sneak preview of current events. The question is to whether we will discover an answer? Which is undecided.

I will leave a personal quote derived from one of my spoken word material, as I become an absentee from this topic until later.

“Become the individual that create change not only for others but also for yourself. In that context it can be relevant to so many societal subjects. Yet you can choose one or remain idle. Are you willing to break barriers?

As always I will depart temporary with the intention to leave your mind to ponder of a mere reminder.


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