The Sudden Transition

Since birth is one predetermined to be accustomed to a certain environment as they develop personal growth? Ties in to the topic of destiny versus freewill however this is just a primary example. Nonetheless, as a newborn becomes adolescence they are prepositioned in an environment that is out of personal control.

Nevertheless, it initiates criteria from the environment to provide for the individuals facing unfortunate circumstances. A specific criterion that a certain environment upholds varies on the dependency of the seed. “The seed” term is a reference to the delivery of a newborn. To elaborate further an emphasis on an example is provided below

According to the media and pop culture they have a tendency to reference “income assistance” in this manner. The common terminology for income assistant that will be elaborated on is considered “welfare, government cheese, and food stamps”. A resemblance of a primary example of criteria residing of the so-called predetermined environment.

What is welfare? The proper term is income assistance, provides people in financial need with assistance with basic needs. However, income assistance has a negative image to have the audience of the low-income or poverty line. Also another image that stigmatizes income assistance is the ideal of “minorities” taking advantage of the services provided. The question is why minorities are the targets? Yet in the current generation the tables have spun full circle. Therefore, pinpointing the blame and stigma towards one ethnicity is unnecessary because anyone that urgently require of financial assistance can utilize their services. In reflection to the history of minorities being the target is no longer the agenda. As a result a sociologist may disagree yet need to realize that society is always changing.

In the eyes of the ordinary hardworking individual, who has experienced the standards of living on income assistance as adolescence, may become highly opinionated toward the notion. In urgency it appears income assistance has risen in a person’s life to save the day. Income assistance is saving the soul of the hopeless appearing in critical dilemma of physical and mental emergencies.

The main issue is whether services and supports are available to assist people to meet basic needs. If there are no supports available then climbing out of assistance may be difficult. As one discover a difference in each generation of society, many individuals do not have the privilege of overcoming societal barriers. The solution to not having sufficient supports is not engraved in stone. Thus leads to a personal choice of living created by the individuals or an individual. Yet it refers to the societal perspective on the subject.

Income assistance has developed services for food, rent, utilities like heat and electricity, and clothing. Additional services provide by assistance are coverage for childcare, transportation, prescription drugs, emergency dental care, and eye glasses.

However, the services provided by assistance continue to remain insufficient for the average Joe.

Referring to the mention of supports, is when reaching out to the community comes into motion. A person can branch a personal connection with a local drop-in centre or program for further support. Reinstating the idea of unavailable supports in specific societies, utilizing the supports that are available is recommended to improve living standards unsatisfactory to self.

Perhaps it is a question that should be save for discussion in sociology.


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