The Unforgiving Direction

One step closer and two steps back the tiger initiates on his path, while thoughts are residing to question whether he remains the only one. An image was engrave in his nocturnal state eluding the presence of the wild field he embraced has now been cut. He is unaware of whether it is signal for the mass populating around him or maybe it the animals from the previous department becoming public. Such a random mediocrity becomes present suddenly without a notice. It is alarming for him as he awake from the deep state of mind to discover some snakes were apparent. What can he expect? He resides in the wilderness, where else would snakes live, however a swamp lies ahead as he witness an anaconda on the surface. He also discovers the swamp has no end but there is land on the other side. A decision must be made when he reaches the swamp and reach to the other side.

The irony of the unsolved equation is that random characters attempting to become part of the equation. However, a similarity resides in every equation and new one becomes evident as someone discovers the solution for the previous equation. The main objective is being to adapt to each individual equation at disposal. An individual may discover that when approaching adaptability, a portion of existing being no longer resides. A scar tissue that been repaired while others are prying into another one. A sense of emotion that remains constant and unforgiving as a person may focus personally on well-being yet appears selfish. Therefore we are a known identity of selfish beings inclusive to perception.

Nonetheless everything is connected in an unfamiliar form yet has to uncover the origin of the connection. The initiated of inquiry cannot be denied by a legislative that was place in motion. Also wondering if the term “free” can be relevant of what is the meaning of the term itself upholds. Perhaps reflection is always in constant motion and as individuals are unaware of worldly presence. The duration of the perception can varies based on the moment or event or occasion suitable.

Some are unaware or unconscious of what the process is to conquer individual soul and identity. For anyone to state that they are aware of personal means is ignorant. The statement itself is an overly used in common language. To venture the ideal notion is an ongoing process and never ending. The appearance demonstrate a full circle however it this portion of mentality, identity and reflection.

As people may notice a huge emphasis but those are the thoughts occurring while on the journey of a tiger. The tiger still has to keep these thoughts in mind as he continues to his destination. There is always a challenge laying ahead for the unforgiving soul of the tiger. Was the imagery a signal? Well the answer remains unclear as he approaches the swamp with caution. Meanwhile, one might question the term “unforgiving, to realize that maybe a further elaboration may be necessary. If necessary, the time is require to give it further thought on the title alone.


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