The Meaning

As the tiger is resting, the question of the sweet life has risen in his thoughts. The sweet life, what is the actual experience of the moment? It is a moment or a wind that exist for an eternity? However, will the sweet life display it true colours as the days progress? The tiger is always questioning everything in his vision, because of his experience. Perhaps it is evident that he continues to hold on to the past and yet again the unforgiving soul remain evident. The sole purpose of the journey is an inquisition due to the buried agenda in the unforgiving soul. The unforgiving soul carries a weight on his shoulder, which creates a barrier if encounter the sweet life. The barrier has developed an identity of the sweet life to be an illusion. The tiger is a witness to the average delusional animals from different species. Animals from different species engraved themselves into the illusion that mainly exists. Therefore, each animal has an open wound only to find healing to be a necessity. The tiger has been through many battles with other animals as they search for the sweet.

The issue of the sweet life is giving up a portion to its presence. It is a challenging obstacle because the portion is well guarded. No matter the denial, a requirement is always prevalent within the sweet life. Both sides of opposition demand the requirement to resolve to a mutual agreement. The settlement is the initiation stage and the honest challenge afterwards is the steps forward. A clear and concise mission needs to be the main discussion of engaging in the sweet life. The tiger needs to acknowledge the barriers preventing him from experiencing the sweet life.

The tiger has awakened from rest to only question the thoughts of his dream. A fantasy or reality?

He wonders if the sweet life exists beyond the swamp? However, has he ever come across the sweet life beforehand? On the other hand something is telling him to crossing the swamp. Well the next step is unknown as he surveys the area of the wilderness.


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