coa-640x425A serenity that cease to exist within nature, even though the emerging tiger is searching for chance at serenity yet has the strolling tiger created the serenity room inside his cortex.

The emerging tiger name remains unknown however the surveilling tiger has discovered the origin of his own name? The strolling tiger has probably figured out the value of the name in itself and the purpose of his existence.

The symbolism of the mind dead corpse lying on the ground plays an infinite role in his existence. Perhaps, it was a misconception to be the passerby and choose to ignore the bodies and yet in reality, a new insight might wake the dead. The surveilling tiger exams the bodies closer with a close proximity and decides to narrate the unwritten novel to souls. The tiger has initiated a step into foreign ground, to become the individual to stand out and create change. A change that creates the souls and minds of the dead corpses to exist and slowly rearrange their movements.

Maybe, the surveilling of the area almost cause the tiger miss the examination of bodies. The tiger failed to realize the potentiality of their mind, body and soul as he constructs the pieces together. However, the tiger concludes that the initial step to communicate to the dead is a process.

The tiger also notices that the anaconda is no longer above the surface of the water. The tiger see the anaconda swimming down to the end of the swamp and since the anaconda has disappeared, it is time to make a move by conscience.

A rock appears from under one of the bodies with the word Selassie. Why did this word appear and what is the significance?


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