Emotionally Unavailable


The significance is the unknown and the present of the moment. The moment, that has yet to arrive and be delivered. The tiger may have discovered the rock hidden underneath one of the bodies, however, does he appreciate the moment? The moment can exist to simple-minded but become a passerby to the thinker or complex mind.

The complexity of the mind is currently focuses on the past, present and future simultaneously. All the thoughts asides, the origin directs the attention of every decision created from a focal point, a core problem. Is there really a problem, as the tiger continues to ignite the flame of the mental barrier?

Perhaps, the chances of the idea are derive from an unconscious instinct developed within the tiger. The tiger residing in the nature of the idea has created deepened persona in the cortex. A cortex that nurtures the value of the sweet life and generate the agenda provided. The provision of the essential of the sweet life is encompassed by the unconscious instinct. It is the soul driven purpose behind the reason of the sweet life’s existence.

Referring to the mental barrier, the tiger become the emotionless when in the face of a dilemma or situations. A mental barrier that has created the emotional disconnection between the family and has developed over the years. On the personal side of things, the tiger rather the disconnection, therefore he can focus on the personal priorities. Even though the disconnection is creating chaos and havoc in the atmosphere.

Despite the chaos and havoc, tiger has to remain calm in the midst of the storm in order to be the individual that he has become presently.

Animals of different nature may view the response as a way to initiate an altercation. As they approach things directly and confrontal, however the tiger is known for the suttle way of assessing delicate matter.

The justification of the apparancy within the tiger is because of the mental focus incorporated and indesigned.

In all the procedures and predicates, the tiger is still surveilling and attempting to discover a path across swamp, as he notices the anaconda is gone.


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