What It Means To Exist?

tiger swamp copy

The disappearance of the anaconda in the never ending swamp does not suffice the alluring presence in the air. A presence that is in motion, blowing in between branches and hovering over the weeds. As the tiger enjoys the stroll, he encounters the presence and is ignorant toward to its essence. Why such aura is raising the instincts of the naturality of his being? The tiger becomes fully aware of his instincts as gather towards the edge of the swamp. In distinctively, he acknowledges the whole idea as he forwards his vision across to the other side.

The other side of the swamp remains a mystery. Even in thought of the possibility of uncovering the personalize sweet life, the mystery of the unknown is a hindsight of constant inquiry.

The constant inquiry has always been an interest, more so evident and huge emphasis on a larger scale lately. In the span of his journey, which nevers ends,the tiger experiences different obstacles and challenges.

According to many, the feats imposes fear and failure on the average person. However, what is driving the soul to continue to exist in this state and society? As if the individual find no means to an end. “Do not worry though, it is not even the beginning.” A statement created by such an individual to be questioned by a stranger. A specific statement that brought up a brief discussion as what is the meaning.

The response to the question: “Why state there is a beginning to something or a thing? By stating there is a beginning to something or thing, creates the idea or thought of an end.”

The stranger did not understand the response to the question.

Perhaps it requires further emphasis of the statement and how it originated alone and the reason why it was given birth.

As any individual that is conscious, has the opportunity to seek personal growth, not only for others but also for sole purpose. The opportunity arises and the conscious is advantageous with the granted chance of possibility. The possibility can be awakening questions of life’s meaning. Regarding the matter, a different phase in the journey initiates. The individual may appear to have different outlook to his vision.

Therefore, a person to state they are well aware of their inner being, is considered to be unconscious. The reason is because every experience endure alters the soul minutely. A steady process that gathers the flow of personal growth. Personal growth is only attainable by the open-minded and willingness of the individual.

What is the next step for the individual, whose soul resides in a tiger?

A individual stated recently, you can plan out tomorrow, however, will the plan be implemented to personal satisfaction? Anyone could not know what tomorrow brings as the day progresses.

The journey does not have an end for an individual, yet the conscious dreams play a constant reminder. Moreover, appearing as a metaphorical or symbolism toward occurring events. Especially as an altercation between the supposed family member, displays an image within the nocturnal state. Only to discover, a passage broadcast through the state detailing the past event, questions the very nature of the soul. As the reason why the mental fortress can not be broken.


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