A Metro Safety Net?


Awaking from the nocturnal and conscious state only to analyze the repetitive dream that occur for the past two nights.

 A freelancer discovers his hard work finally paying off. As the work accomplished is being passed around through the neighbourhood to be finalized and established. The line of work is steady flowing on different entities. A new artist statement evolves to the present era.

Can these be visions or premonitions on New Years Eve? He slowly rises to his feet to and escapes immediately to the computer. He always attempts to plan out his day, however he never able to meet them. As though something else comes up but instead he greets his friend and decides to work on his writings.  As he resides in the common area, he is generating thoughts on improving each coming year. The reason he does this is because he is restless. The idea of remaining in one spot for his life bores him entirely. Killing him softly with the thought alone as he has always traveled from state to state.

A misguided family history of moving every grade during his school years has molded the person into what he has become.

So his friend want him to come with him while he makes a couple errands around the town. The initial stop is a coffee run and onwards into the snow. He hops on the bus with his friend while conversing about the agenda. Yet sitting on public transportation on the way back he does his daily reflection about the past, present and future. As a distant family is messaging in the background and blocking out background noise.  However, he must remain in the present moment with the main objective to enjoy the night entering the new years.

As the thought of school starting in less than a week, is seeping in the back of his mind. The school mentality is a normal routine in urgent need of a switch up.

The finally thought is a question. Is this home? If not then where is home?


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