The Meaning of Contentment & Mental Health/Physical Health


A young adult urgently requires the necessity of discovering balance within their lives. As societal creatures we encompass the capacity to further our paths by enduring a heavy load on the daily. The western society is and has engrained into individuals subconsciously the key elements of happiness. In example: the most common elements implemented are higher education, employment and the typical settling down with marriage. Regarding those components they are not horrible components however, the real question is whether we have loss the soul in the process of attempting these items?

The main function of society is to embrace the constant flow of human nature within the western culture. The constant flow is often noticed as the go-go-go mentality and the “hurry” individuals who are able to create positive outlook. The added stress that people embrace so dearly is slowly deteriorating our overall health: mental and physical. Majority of time we burn ourselves without acknowledging the time we need for ourselves. As speaking from experience, I have encountered this dilemma on many scenarios where I was overwhelmed of how much I have push myself physically and mentally. In all honestly, it has driven to the point of saying “Hey, Tevin, slow down for the rest of your life”. The individual meaning of slowing down has broadened to many different topics.

The one and main topic of slowing down is discovering balance and after balance come contentment. As I stated earlier every individual is discovering the way of “to fit in” into society and become similar to others. Well think about these factors when they are contributing to our health and have created stress and therefore take a toll on our expenses.

Stress, stress, stress, and people we deal with it on the regular basis, yet we choose the previous lesson we learned about managing and handling the pros and cons of stress. The balance of life comes in waves as everyone wants to become involved in so many events and program. I feel like I am preaching but I would to pass on a message to there because there is a need for balance in all of our lives. As in contentment, individuals must embrace the now and the present moment. As for those individuals in the mental health community, question yourself “Do you have a balance in your routine and your path to wellness?”


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