Mirror Symmetry: Man or Beast

tigerThe created individual resides in the wispy and blossoming snowstorms looking out the door of his balcony to the world around him. He listens to soft sound of the wind brazing the screen door and soaring through the trees. The mentality of attempting to understand the grounds of the complicated belief of the individual resides. A residence of reflection is the pillar of what has created the unknown to mankind. He, the traveller realizes to lower the expectancy level for any circumstances and is also informed to be the unknown. The unknown and unexpected has the same emotions towards each other. In order to receive such gratitude with pleasure, the first step must be embrace gracefully: low expectancy level.


A specimen can be the deep emotion within a victim to glamourize the identity that many travellers yearn. As the unforgiving soul, what does meaning hides anymore?


The tiger still remains on the other side searching for the sweet life but is not entirely concrete on whether he should part from his journey.


The individual, momentary ponders on the thought of previous conversion he formerly had with a friend of complicated belief. The complicated belief is human behaviour and mentality. Shortly after, the individual reflects on the conversation in a dream to awake and realize the hidden puzzle to the dilemma.


Is this the first step forward for the unforgiving soul that resides in the tiger and the man?


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