Still Pondering

The mystery, and unknown identity of the sweet still ponders within the spirit. Kindle the soul that exists in the tiger as he unable to comprehend the nature of the sweet life.
The golden yellow figure brazes the land beyond searching for the sweet life. The figure describes their path as something to be questioned. Also the figure encompasses the individuality chosen to be place upon them.

How can such complex thing appear so simple?

Well the answer is to break barriers and fortresses. The barriers exist because of the damage create within the soul of the golden yellow figure.


What It Means To Exist?

tiger swamp copy

The disappearance of the anaconda in the never ending swamp does not suffice the alluring presence in the air. A presence that is in motion, blowing in between branches and hovering over the weeds. As the tiger enjoys the stroll, he encounters the presence and is ignorant toward to its essence. Why such aura is raising the instincts of the naturality of his being? The tiger becomes fully aware of his instincts as gather towards the edge of the swamp. In distinctively, he acknowledges the whole idea as he forwards his vision across to the other side.

The other side of the swamp remains a mystery. Even in thought of the possibility of uncovering the personalize sweet life, the mystery of the unknown is a hindsight of constant inquiry.

The constant inquiry has always been an interest, more so evident and huge emphasis on a larger scale lately. In the span of his journey, which nevers ends,the tiger experiences different obstacles and challenges.

According to many, the feats imposes fear and failure on the average person. However, what is driving the soul to continue to exist in this state and society? As if the individual find no means to an end. “Do not worry though, it is not even the beginning.” A statement created by such an individual to be questioned by a stranger. A specific statement that brought up a brief discussion as what is the meaning.

The response to the question: “Why state there is a beginning to something or a thing? By stating there is a beginning to something or thing, creates the idea or thought of an end.”

The stranger did not understand the response to the question.

Perhaps it requires further emphasis of the statement and how it originated alone and the reason why it was given birth.

As any individual that is conscious, has the opportunity to seek personal growth, not only for others but also for sole purpose. The opportunity arises and the conscious is advantageous with the granted chance of possibility. The possibility can be awakening questions of life’s meaning. Regarding the matter, a different phase in the journey initiates. The individual may appear to have different outlook to his vision.

Therefore, a person to state they are well aware of their inner being, is considered to be unconscious. The reason is because every experience endure alters the soul minutely. A steady process that gathers the flow of personal growth. Personal growth is only attainable by the open-minded and willingness of the individual.

What is the next step for the individual, whose soul resides in a tiger?

A individual stated recently, you can plan out tomorrow, however, will the plan be implemented to personal satisfaction? Anyone could not know what tomorrow brings as the day progresses.

The journey does not have an end for an individual, yet the conscious dreams play a constant reminder. Moreover, appearing as a metaphorical or symbolism toward occurring events. Especially as an altercation between the supposed family member, displays an image within the nocturnal state. Only to discover, a passage broadcast through the state detailing the past event, questions the very nature of the soul. As the reason why the mental fortress can not be broken.

Emotionally Unavailable


The significance is the unknown and the present of the moment. The moment, that has yet to arrive and be delivered. The tiger may have discovered the rock hidden underneath one of the bodies, however, does he appreciate the moment? The moment can exist to simple-minded but become a passerby to the thinker or complex mind.

The complexity of the mind is currently focuses on the past, present and future simultaneously. All the thoughts asides, the origin directs the attention of every decision created from a focal point, a core problem. Is there really a problem, as the tiger continues to ignite the flame of the mental barrier?

Perhaps, the chances of the idea are derive from an unconscious instinct developed within the tiger. The tiger residing in the nature of the idea has created deepened persona in the cortex. A cortex that nurtures the value of the sweet life and generate the agenda provided. The provision of the essential of the sweet life is encompassed by the unconscious instinct. It is the soul driven purpose behind the reason of the sweet life’s existence.

Referring to the mental barrier, the tiger become the emotionless when in the face of a dilemma or situations. A mental barrier that has created the emotional disconnection between the family and has developed over the years. On the personal side of things, the tiger rather the disconnection, therefore he can focus on the personal priorities. Even though the disconnection is creating chaos and havoc in the atmosphere.

Despite the chaos and havoc, tiger has to remain calm in the midst of the storm in order to be the individual that he has become presently.

Animals of different nature may view the response as a way to initiate an altercation. As they approach things directly and confrontal, however the tiger is known for the suttle way of assessing delicate matter.

The justification of the apparancy within the tiger is because of the mental focus incorporated and indesigned.

In all the procedures and predicates, the tiger is still surveilling and attempting to discover a path across swamp, as he notices the anaconda is gone.


coa-640x425A serenity that cease to exist within nature, even though the emerging tiger is searching for chance at serenity yet has the strolling tiger created the serenity room inside his cortex.

The emerging tiger name remains unknown however the surveilling tiger has discovered the origin of his own name? The strolling tiger has probably figured out the value of the name in itself and the purpose of his existence.

The symbolism of the mind dead corpse lying on the ground plays an infinite role in his existence. Perhaps, it was a misconception to be the passerby and choose to ignore the bodies and yet in reality, a new insight might wake the dead. The surveilling tiger exams the bodies closer with a close proximity and decides to narrate the unwritten novel to souls. The tiger has initiated a step into foreign ground, to become the individual to stand out and create change. A change that creates the souls and minds of the dead corpses to exist and slowly rearrange their movements.

Maybe, the surveilling of the area almost cause the tiger miss the examination of bodies. The tiger failed to realize the potentiality of their mind, body and soul as he constructs the pieces together. However, the tiger concludes that the initial step to communicate to the dead is a process.

The tiger also notices that the anaconda is no longer above the surface of the water. The tiger see the anaconda swimming down to the end of the swamp and since the anaconda has disappeared, it is time to make a move by conscience.

A rock appears from under one of the bodies with the word Selassie. Why did this word appear and what is the significance?

The Serenity Room


The surveillance of the area constructed by the tiger is unappealing to the soul. The appeal is to distract the tiger from the discoloration that reside within. The wilderness has faded increasingly over the journey to the tiger’s destination. As a result, the livings are unconscious animals lying segregated from each other. The tiger casually strolls past the mind dead corpses that are becoming fossils. As the year circulates thoroughly, the amount of dead increases immensely. Therefore, a cause of the factors can be a lack of compassion. The compassion is not an item you can just create in a split second; it is something that develops as a traveller. So can a rare gem exist within the tiger to be considered him a traveller? Yet the tiger encountered a new traveller during the surveillance. The traveller was a tiger as of recently, is emerging and distancing himself from the pack.

The name of the recently emerging tiger was introduced as an unknown identity but similar persona. A similar persona may be evident but do not forget the characteristics. Immediately upon disposal, the emerging tiger was fascinated the tiger surveilling the environment near the swamp. As the surveilling tiger’s presence remains the evidence unknown. However, the fascination derived from the emerging tiger’s official initiation; the initiation of his personal journey. As the emerging tiger approaches the surveillor, he quickly utters a motion of questions. Questions that would be brave but have a sense of fear at the same time reside in his soul. However, the question of the mind, heart and soul influences decisions on the personal motivational goal on any journey. The real question is whether which entity of the three is influencing his decision to start the individual journey.

The real dilemma is that the three invisible items are unattainable in the initiation phase. Each individual is designed differently based on personal experiences endured before the journey begins. As one may have noticed that only one item is attainable within the first phase. To say the least, it was probably his mind that impacts his decision. The start of coming forward with a clear mind and a reset button attached to the core is important. However to discover the answers to unanswered notions is the challenging process. A process that is unable to be obtained over the course of a day.

Maybe the emerging tiger is searching for chance at serenity; some serenity in the portion of the mentality?

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The Meaning

As the tiger is resting, the question of the sweet life has risen in his thoughts. The sweet life, what is the actual experience of the moment? It is a moment or a wind that exist for an eternity? However, will the sweet life display it true colours as the days progress? The tiger is always questioning everything in his vision, because of his experience. Perhaps it is evident that he continues to hold on to the past and yet again the unforgiving soul remain evident. The sole purpose of the journey is an inquisition due to the buried agenda in the unforgiving soul. The unforgiving soul carries a weight on his shoulder, which creates a barrier if encounter the sweet life. The barrier has developed an identity of the sweet life to be an illusion. The tiger is a witness to the average delusional animals from different species. Animals from different species engraved themselves into the illusion that mainly exists. Therefore, each animal has an open wound only to find healing to be a necessity. The tiger has been through many battles with other animals as they search for the sweet.

The issue of the sweet life is giving up a portion to its presence. It is a challenging obstacle because the portion is well guarded. No matter the denial, a requirement is always prevalent within the sweet life. Both sides of opposition demand the requirement to resolve to a mutual agreement. The settlement is the initiation stage and the honest challenge afterwards is the steps forward. A clear and concise mission needs to be the main discussion of engaging in the sweet life. The tiger needs to acknowledge the barriers preventing him from experiencing the sweet life.

The tiger has awakened from rest to only question the thoughts of his dream. A fantasy or reality?

He wonders if the sweet life exists beyond the swamp? However, has he ever come across the sweet life beforehand? On the other hand something is telling him to crossing the swamp. Well the next step is unknown as he surveys the area of the wilderness.