abstrakt mentality vs infinite identity

A tiger reframing from resistance needs to discover the idea to not conform to the pack while on the journey to his destination. As the wilderness of society imposes a decision to choose a side yet why choose a side at all? Remember the tiger does not like to be tamed yet society wants to put him in a cage.

Conflict arises when someone considered the notion of becoming an individual. The term “individual” has uniqueness on its own standard. However, what is the meaning of “individual” as the definition is abstract while everyone is searching for the truth. Stating that many individuals has already discovered their destiny and truth. As a result of wagering people have made sacrifices to find a personalize solution to receiving eternal happiness. Based on the wager, which is highly dependent, people happiness is questioned. However, it reflects negatively toward the individual deciding to not wager at all. The distant between a winning and losing is infinite and equal to each other. Therefore, what is the sole purpose of wagering?

The sole purpose of wagering leads to people attempting to uncover the truth of eternal happiness.

Yes, the above statement was reinstated because it requires inner depth analysis and emphasis. It has not been questioned because the justification suits society standards. Also benefiting the actions of the individual way of living within their moral code.

!Question everything!




Or perhaps society are meant to be tamed because one foreseen the outcome of being wild animals.

It would be interesting to witness society as free individuals.