Forbidden Abstrakt Intel

Memories fade away. Hmmm. Is that really the scenario when a small experience can immediately activate a part of history that initially was unconscious? As people, we are preoccupied with a to-do list of how to create a better life for ourselves. However, we have a tendency to forget the beginning. When one states the beginning they are referring to the first stages of your journey. Perhaps reflection is an excellent matter to consider yet it is detrimental to overall health. Pros and cons to each individual depending on their circumstances.

Relatively speaking it can be something minor as in throwing rocks into the ocean? Simple.

What about the walk to the park near the ocean, sitting by the calm sound of the waves? How did throwing rocks into the water bring back a memory so dear? Even though there is tendency to bury memories of the past as one moves forward in their life. Although one is naturally inclined to do so as he or she can build their fortress. A fortress created from the personal experience endured throughout the years. Yet you cannot point blame and criticism for the person they developed to be presently.

Everyday this individual strolls nonchalantly amongst society displaying an invisible exterior fortress around their aura. Who does this appear to be? A mysterious soul residing amongst society as they are remaining content. However is this noticeable in everyone in perspective to having an invisible exterior fortress? Well this a known trait that enables the person to be able to overcome obstacles. As challenges become more apparent when they experience growth. This might sound repetitive. However still, it remains relevant.

Another characteristic that is shown is whether or not they are rational. But what is the definition of rationality? Also would you consider being irrational to become rational? Even though it is a misleading trait that many faces scrutiny. What is the reason behind the misunderstanding of the individual that is content? Is the culture to be blame or the nurturing received as adolescence from the one who display such measures? Nonetheless, these are only questions that tend to ponder momentary. The residence is appearing within a recurring cycle of an entitled journey.

What about destination versus journey? Is there a similarity as you compare the differences? Journey is a description of a personal unwritten narrative, but destination is the goal of personal ambition that one efficiently drives to pursue. Journey is a part of history in the making of your perseverance. Where they are similar, is it your personal process of growth, identity, wisdom, spirituality, insight and balance…

The decision was not the original choice, it was predetermined. Ha! Yeah right I was born this way. Well no excuses. The typical reason for an ignorant individual to show these emotions. Do they lack the provision of insight? Or maybe it should be considered for revision? Or alterations?

For example what happens when a person is delivered into a certain environment? What is a regular scenario? In that case it can be chaotic and instability that resides in an environment. Also this has a tendency to mature but in a stressful and negative manner. As blame is pointed in the direction of cultural impact. If that is what your thoughts are when you are exposed. Is it intermediate exposure or critical exposure? Because every culture has its similarities, yet 95 percent of the majority is different. Does change occur within every generation for the good or bad? But it possesses an influence on the molding of our character without awareness of self.

As reflection becomes more apparent with positive and negative connotations associated with the reflections. As in one’s life can develop to become a recurring dream and sleepless nights. Some may state that it is anxiety as others disagree with the growth of the dilemma. A conclusion does not exist in this reality based on one’s personal surrealism encountered throughout history. Do not forget your history nor your destiny? A scar on the human back that is the best representation of location as one reach each prevail on their journey. Hatred was less optimistic when one became more aware of the scar located on the back. However, the italicized foreign characters forever hold a dominant significance and role of personal entity. Is it the key to restitution?

New discoveries are unconsciously uncovered regularly and this is a not a reference to science but more towards the face of identity. While new discoveries are progressing it reveals the soul of the suppression. The suppressed create a flux of emotions for anyone experiencing flashbacks as if being flipped upside down on a rollercoaster for an unknown period comes into existent. How does it feel? Well imagine the surplus of thoughts overflowing at once with current events of the individual. A hidden present from the red suit flying on deer in the sky yet remains invisible to mankind. Does the false justification of a repeated fiction provide the evidence of hope to the despair? Under certain circumstances it relies on the mentality of the person with the Intel to question everything as everyone considered it to be over analyzing. What about nature?

Genuine traits are apparent when nature becomes a component within one. Many perceive it as set of natural occurring events in a lifespan that alters the individual. Nevertheless, a change can be achieved by the individual to the natural events. The combination of natural alterations and individual change has a shocking result. Nurture is irrelevant in this context as it already has a general solution. However, nature is considered synthetic in the current generation as society continue to progress. Speaking from experience can awaken the inner soul. According to Buddha teachings, the intelligent are the ones who actively searching for inner being. Society is constantly striving to search for material things yet forget to find inner being. The typical logic behind the theory is fear. Fear has huge influence on our lives as growth continues. What is the true image of fear?

The dark figure in a brown trench coat made an appearance in a nocturnal state. Casually sneaking presence in the next individual to enlighten his work. A stranger approaches the dark figure in a trench coat and emits a physical contact that enables a chaotic struggle. Afterward the body of the figure changes into a foreigner’s parchment glued on the the strangers arm. He tears it off his arm and tear it into pieces until the parchment disappear. As a result the night room illuminates the area with sunlight. The stranger holds a key presence to the equation.

The stranger of the experience awakens from the allure of the forgotten mysterious Era. It appears a weight has been lifted off the individual shoulders of the buried history stored in the mental mainframe. He continues with the day as if nothing happens. However, as he awakens out of the midst of rest he flips the page of the red vibrant novel detailing the eastern teachings. Is he searching for a meaning of the visual imagery engraved in the cortex? To realize something is significant of the image after battling mental distress. The interval of a week can only provide a small detail of the suffering. Affecting and effectively causing havoc within the environment of his organized structure.

As one is overcoming an obstacle s/he gradually develop a growth in mentality and character. A provision of evidence declaring that nothing remains the same for the person moving forward. A challenge at hand constantly inflicting hurdles of a relay in one direction. Yet only footprints create the history to be foretold to the future generations of the internal seed. It is not a conclusion or the beginning of the Rosetta stone. A bare initiation of an tiger refusing to be tamed.