Sweet Life

The tiger reaches the edge of the swamp and decides to rest for the moment. Especially since it is very difficult for the tiger to accomplish a period of sleep. The journey he resides in continues to be prolonging because of circumstances. Although snakes are swimming in the grass field around his body, he still remains aware of his environment. However, as the tiger is conscious, the unforgiving soul is a mystery. It is a mystery of an unrequired notion that ceases to exist in modern society. Consider it an old soul with persona of simple complexity, therefore is misunderstood as others observe. The initiation of the discussion of a background of the unforgiving soul is an incomplete process. Yet general insight is still prevalent within the aura of his dimensions. The tiger did not achieve the insight by other wild animals but more within the personal struggle. As a result, inquiry is remarkable trait as the tiger rests near swamp.

The beginning is never the end in itself. Such fiction uttered to the crowd as the individual casually strolls by. Yet does it deny any idea the beginning exist? The previous question remains unanswered in post modernism. The hidden key to the beginning is hidden in plain sight. A reason the key is hidden is because of materialistic value has risen; the root cause of the inability to live a pleasurable life. It creates a wonder of the reality that existed before evolution. It is unnecessary to point blame toward specifics as each individual is at fault. However, as individuals it is difficult to realize the personal mistakes, as insight it required about us, instead of displaying a mask.

What is this mask you speak of? The tiger ponders, since it is an unfamiliar object to him. The tiger perspective on the mask is quite different from other animals. The tiger only knows based on observations and experiences that he encountered in history. Since the origin of the tiger’s existence in the wilderness, the mother abandoned him within the first year. Separated by the older sibling (last bloodline) at the age of two; that was also abandoned by mother. Throughout the years both cats took their own path of personal journey. Outcast, shunned, discriminated; deceit, insanity and deprivation can only describe the battle. The point to the perspective is to analyze the insight of the tiger’s well being. The analysis of the tiger’s well being is question because of the path of the unforgiving soul. The unforgiving soul that has yet to discover the beginning. The beginning is the solution to equation.

The tiger’s perspective on the beginning is to not search for its residence. A residence that is unknown to animals of the wilderness. As a result of the residence to be unknown it has brought up presumptions of what the perfect place would be ideal. All based on personal preference, the task is heavy for someone to conquer when the individual is often misunderstood. Most often misunderstanding occurs when one is afraid of attachment to an idealistic imagery. Therefore, do no fault the tiger’s soul when he rather just let the beginning discover him. A beginning that provides a residence of the sweet life so profound.