The Serenity Room

Path_Less_Taken_I_by_GerridwenThe surveillance of the area constructed by the tiger is unappealing to the soul. The appeal is to distract the tiger from the discoloration that reside within. The wilderness has faded increasingly over the journey to the tiger’s destination. As a result, the livings are unconscious animals lying segregated from each other. The tiger casually strolls past the mind dead corpses that are becoming fossils. As the year circulates thoroughly, the amount of dead increases immensely. Therefore, a cause of the factors can be a lack of compassion. The compassion is not an item you can just create in a split second; it is something that develops as a traveller. So can a rare gem exist within the tiger to be considered him a traveller? Yet the tiger encountered a new traveller during the surveillance. The traveller was a tiger as of recently, is emerging and distancing himself from the pack.

The name of the recently emerging tiger was introduced as an unknown identity but similar persona. A similar persona may be evident but do not forget the characteristics. Immediately upon disposal, the emerging tiger was fascinated the tiger surveilling the environment near the swamp. As the surveilling tiger’s presence remains the evidence unknown. However, the fascination derived from the emerging tiger’s official initiation; the initiation of his personal journey. As the emerging tiger approaches the surveillor, he quickly utters a motion of questions. Questions that would be brave but have a sense of fear at the same time reside in his soul. However, the question of the mind, heart and soul influences decisions on the personal motivational goal on any journey. The real question is whether which entity of the three is influencing his decision to start the individual journey.

The real dilemma is that the three invisible items are unattainable in the initiation phase. Each individual is designed differently based on personal experiences endured before the journey begins. As one may have noticed that only one item is attainable within the first phase. To say the least, it was probably his mind that impacts his decision. The start of coming forward with a clear mind and a reset button attached to the core is important. However to discover the answers to unanswered notions is the challenging process. A process that is unable to be obtained over the course of a day.

Maybe the emerging tiger is searching for chance at serenity; some serenity in the portion of the mentality?